Truepoint Summer Gear Balance

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For the Camper shirts

This will be the solid green shirts and the attached logo will be on the back- pretty large size if possible (I sent this before but we just took the year off of it) in black. We upped the total of shirts to 100 using a single logo so I believe that was quoted at 6.00 per shirt. Kids xsmall- 1

Kids small - 1

Kids medium - 5

Kids large - 10

Adult xsmall - 8

Adult small - 25

Adult medium - 25

Adult large - 15

Adult xlarge - 8

Adult 2x - 4

Total is 102 shirts


Baptism shirts

Navy blue Single printing with Hell Lost Another One logo

Go ahead and remove true point logo at this time

We increased the order to 80 shirts I think white fonts would look the best but I’m open to suggestions if you have them


Adult small - 5

Adult medium - 21

Adult large - 21

Adult x large - 15

Adult 2x - 10

Adult 3x - 10

Total - 82 shirts


Once they are delivered from Amazon I will drop them off to you

These bags will have the plan PYC circle logo printed on the bag (these ones will not say staff)

We ordered 78 bags

Staff shirts

Green tie dye shirts

These will have the PYC Staff logo on the front left hand side of the shirt (not huge but not small)

the logo will be black please.

Single side printing.

Adult small - 1

Adult medium - 4

Adult Large - 10

Adult xlarge - 7

Adult 2xl - 18

Adult 3XL - 7

Total - 47 shirts