3-color American Flag Pledge of Allegiance

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All decals are made from premium indoor/outdoor, durable, weatherproof vinyl. All of our decals are MADE IN THE USA. 

This item ships as 3 separate pieces! The red, the white, then the blue stars. There are lots of great YouTube videos available on how to install these decals!

Decal is approximately 24 inches wide by 14 inches high! If you need a different size, please contact us and we can customize one for you!

Free shipping in the USA.

Application Instructions

1. Clean and dry the surface.

2. Slowly peel masking tape and decal from backing paper.

3. Apply masking tape and decal to the surface.

4. Rub hard with a credit card or similar device.

5. Slowly peel away masking tape leaving decal on surface.

6. Poke any air bubbles with a needle or pin and push air out.